Our story


This was the full name of our aunt Rose. A beautiful name for a beautiful person, who had beautiful ideas.

She was born on July 19th, 1919. From early on, little Rose would play “school” with her two younger twin sisters, Clairy and Kitty. In these early games, Rose would be the teacher, and this appears to have been spot on: as an adult, teaching became her full-time profession. It became her passion. But neither was the role of student lost on her: even at an advanced age, she studied theology in Nijmegen.

Nomen sit omen, may the name be a sign: above anything, Rose loved roses. Her small rose garden was her favourite place, her little paradise. And it was there, amidst the proudly flowering roses, that she, shortly before her 96th birthday, would have her entirely unexpected meeting with death.

Life, she lived intensively and to the fullest. With sincere admiration I remember her clarity of mind. Small talk was simply not an option: she would talk about philosophical questions and issues that she cared deeply for. And she would talk about her ideal: proper education for the younger generations.

A good education, development of individual talents, care for each other—that is what mattered to her. And she wanted the progress towards this ideal of hers to continue. She wanted this torch to be kept lit like a holy fire. Her gift to the world would be this: be there for each other, invest in yourself, so you can be there for all others. She wanted to make a contribution for this to be possible.

She set aside a part of her capital in a foundation, which she called MARYOSA.

Thank you, MARia sYbilla rOSA. You are an inspiration to us all.