The Maryosa Foundation is a Netherlands-based not-for-profit organisation working for a world full of self-reliant people, who continuously motivate and support each other.

We do this by teaching financial capability skills, and by financially supporting students in community-oriented education programmes.

Bring out the best.
Bring in the community.

Recent activities

Elizabeth moved on to ward orientation!

Last September, Elizabeth started on her journey pursuing a diploma in nursing, which upon completion would quality her to work as a clinical nurse, community nurse, as well as a midwife. She has now finished her first block, and is moving on to the next: ward orientation! The school allowed her to bring her children …

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Elizabeth admitted to nursing school!

Elizabeth, Maryosa’s most recent recipient of school support, just moved into her new accommodation near the Our Lady of Lourdes Mwea Hospital, where she will study for a Diploma in Nursing! Elizabeth has previously finished secondary school as well as additional studies in college, but the work she was most experienced in is difficult to …

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Allan graduates from Absa SME Academy!

Last year, despite delays and difficulty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Allan has completed the programme he was enrolled in with Maryosa’s help. Congratulations, Allan! “The program was very interesting”, Allan says of the programme that consisted of 10 modules and helped him to start and run an independent business. “Personally, I learned so much …

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Maryosa’s house style redesigned

Regular visitors may have noticed: our logo, website, and documents have all gotten a completely new look and feel! The process started with the advise given to us by multiple student groups who, as part of their class in research methods, helped us evaluate how people perceive Maryosa. One of their recommendations was to re-design …

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Student reports: Winning group selected!

We have received the reports from the student projects we wrote about earlier. In consultation with Prof. Dr. Els Breugelmans of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, we acted as a client as part of her course on Research Methods, for whom different groups of students would answer our research question: Where and how can we find …

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Diana graduates from Zetech University!

Supported by Maryosa, Diana has been studying Social Community Development at Zetech University in Ruiri, Kenya. Diana, whom we have met before, has now graduated from this programme. Congratulations, Diana! We are very proud of her achievements, and thankful to have played a role in it.