School support

Education was our aunt Rose‘s passion. Because of this, Maryosa wants to support education in any way we can. In our school support programme, we do this by helping students pay for their tuition.

Because we focus on self-reliance and community empowerment, Maryosa primarily supports educational programmes that lead to social professions. Think of teachers, nurses, and social workers. Or we help someone who is already a leader in their community further develop their skills. When a talented, motivated person wants study something that will really help them and their community, but cannot afford it, Maryosa wants to help.

“Maryosa came in at the moment I needed them the most.

Diana, studying Social Work and Community Development

How to receive support

Maryosa wants to help. If we could, we would support everyone. Unfortunately, we have to be selective. We have to make sure that both the student and the education is in line with Maryosa’s goals and mission. Before someone receives support, we also want to make some agreements with this person.

To learn more about this, please see our guide on how to receive school support. This document, which you can download in the documents section of our website, explains everything.

Previously supported people

ElizabethKenyaNursing (Diploma)
DianaKenyaCommunity Development (BA)
AllanKenyaBarclays USIU-Africa Enterprise Academy Program✔️
DianaKenyaCommunity Development✔️
SimonKenyaLeadership and Management
MercylineKenyaSecondary education✔️