Exploring budget coaching

As a first exploration of how we can support talent and skills, we have started the design and implementation of one programme. It relates to budget coaching.

The budget coaching programme aims to develop the financial capacities of people in developing countries. The project started in Ruiru, Kenya, a town near Nairobi. We pair a Dutch coach with a Kenyan coachee, and together they meet every week for three months (via Skype), and learn from each other about financial overview, budgeting and saving. After the three months of coaching, we continue the contact at a lower level, depending on the needs of the coachee.

The pilot started in September and is in full swing at the time of writing (December). We have paired one Dutch coach and one Kenyan coachee for this purpose. The coachee, Lincolin, was present in the Netherlands because of the set-up of the foundation (exchange of information, possible collaboration with Ruiru Bible Baptist Church, introduction to grassroots management) and therefore the pilot was partly carried out in face-to-face meetings in the Netherlands. The second part of the coaching was continued in Kenya, via a Skype connection. The meetings were attended by an observer, who gave directions in the coaching where necessary, and gave feedback on the developed material, for improvement. The improvement of the programme is in full swing and next year we hope to roll out the programme further.

Some statements from Lincolin, our coachee:

“I am learning a lot about myself. I’ve noticed I’ve been growing some discipline. I always thought we don’t have any money, but I know now that we don’t plan, so that we think we don’t have any money. So, I’ve found myself motivated and challenged”.

“I realised I’ve been wasting my money on a lot of unnecessary stuff. This brings a whole new perspective. I can literally see where all my money is going. I can see and determine where my money goes. That gives me a sense of empowerment”.