Let’s meet: Mercyline!

Mercyline Nyalik is the younger sister of Diana, who is also supported by Maryosa’s school support prorgamme. Mercyline is the second in a family of eight children, and she in 20 years old. Unlike her older sister Diana, there was no money for her to go to high school. She stayed at home, helping her mother with the housework and raising her siblings. She also volunteered for the church, babysitting children during the service, and did other tasks for the church community during the week.

Over the past two years, members of the church raised money among themselves so that Mercyline could attend an adult high school program. However, it was too difficult for the group to raise enough for the entire program. Therefore, Maryosa decided to pay the tuition for the last year.

It is not always easy for Mercyline in her school program. The financial pressure on her family made her focus more on raising her siblings than on doing her homework. Still, she manages to go to school and learn as much as she can. She is motivated by the belief in her abilities by the people around her.

In December 2017, she will take her exams. After that she would like to continue studying accountancy and entrepreneurship and then start her own business. With that business, she hopes to financially support her family and her community.