Hawah’s experience at the Financial Capability Conference

Hawah poses for a picture at Maryosa’s 2018 Financial Capability Conference in Athi River, Kenya.

Hawah was one of the participants in our 2018 financial capability conference. Here she recounts her experiences.

I did not only like the Maryosa camp, I loved it! The games, the discussions with newly made friends, everything added up to a great atmosphere. I felt important, chosen, when I received an invitation to join the boot camp. Maryosa has taught me things that I never learned in school, even though these skills are very relevant and affect every aspect of life.

The greatest lesson I learned was that I don’t need millions in my account to need financial literacy, but that it’s always good to be aware of your financial dealings. Knowing how my money flows make me able to tune it to work for me. I have understood the importance of accountability of each coin I get. Though I am still working on this, I am now aware of where most of my money goes. The community on Facebook, with reminders from Petra, helps me improve in this regard.

I was touched by Chiara’s story, of her great aunt who saved money for this foundation. It made me think: “what will I leave behind?” I decided to start by sharing the story of Maryosa, and the skills I have learned, with my friends. That’s the start of their classes on financial management! 🙂