Next steps after the 2018 Financial Capability Conference

Our volunteer Chiara (right) leaving the premises of the 2018 Financial Capability Conference in Athi River, Kenya, together with one of the participants.

The May 2018 conference was the first step in implementation our financial capability programme. The ultimate goal, however, goes much further.

The financial capability programme targets three skills:  general accounting of earnings and expenditures, making a budget and a plan to maintain it by prioritising expenditures, and saving for emergencies and long-term goals. The past years we have developed educational material both for a three-month coached programme, and for a self-study programme. The goal of this material is to help young adults get the skills and knowledge to build a stable future for themselves, with a lasting, positive impact on the community as a whole. During the conference, we taught and stimulated local young adults to become coaches to others who will then be able to complete the programme. After the conference, all participants started on the self-study material themselves. Now, after almost three months, they are ready for the next step! This means that they will find a number of motivated students for themselves, whom they will teach the skills they have learned, and whom they will teach to in turn teach those skills to others—and so on!