Let’s meet: Allan!

You may remember his name from earlier posts, because Allan is the man who manages many of our activities “on the ground” in Kenya. Let’s get to know him a little better!

Name: Allan Ochieng Origa

Place of living: I currently reside in Ruiru, a small town about 26 kilometers from Nairobi in Kenya.

Age: I am 39.

Educational background: O level, Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Level 2, Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing option).

Family: I am a happily married man to one beautiful wife Janet Akinyi. We have two boys: Jamie, who is 8 years old, and Leon who is 6 years old.

What are important values in your life? Humility, generosity, loving, consistency, and integrity

I decided to help Maryosa becayse I share their vision of empowering the youth in reaching their
maximum potential.

Work Activities: I currently work for a Training, Communication and Marketing agency as a Business Development Manager. Apart from that, I have a seasonal business where I train organizations on team building.

Can you share how you got in contact with the Maryosa Foundation? I got to know Maryosa Foundation through my good friends Lincolin and Petra Wanyama, who work as volunteers for the Foundation.

What was it that made you decide to help the Maryosa Foundation? I decided to help Maryosa Foundation because I share in their vision of empowering the youths in reaching their maximum potential. I have always been passionate in working with the youths.

What are the activities you did/do to help the Maryosa Foundation? And what are the results? In May of last year, I helped in facilitation of a financial capability program where we had 27 youth leaders from around Kenya. It was a 3-day Camp program, very experiential and it allowed the youths to interact with the training material actively. Since the training I have helping follow up the participants on their progress of implementation of what they learned during camp. A few of them have progresses well and are currently coaching some of their friends.

What are your own dreams for the future? My main dream is to establish a big youth center (Dream Centre) where youths can come for information, express themselves through art and sports and be impacted and influenced positively by essential life skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.  I would like for the youths that pass through our program to look back when they are grown and say that they were glad to have done so as we influenced them positively.

How can you accomplish these dreams? First, strategic partnerships with other organizations that already have similar programs in developed countries. Second, writing proposals to persons of interest to see if they are able to offer grants towards the objectives