Financial capability at the Kipawa Centre: Empowering talented youth

Earlier this year, Maryosa was approached by Castro and Nikki, a Kenyian-Dutch couple that lives in Kenya, just outside Nairobi. They have just started a youth centre where creative talents are practiced and fostered, such as dance and theatre. This centre also teaches them a number of life skills.

Castro and Nikki asked us if we could collaborate in order to help these young people manage their finances. A similar group of people from a project called Art Waves, from the slums of Nairobi, also wanted to join.

On September 9th, the financial capability training was ready to go. Unfortunately, the participants from Kipawa had received tragic news that morning: a member of their group had passed away. Because of this, only the group from Art Waves participated that day.

The training itself was a success. Diana and Cynthia, two participants from our 2018 camp, were present as well. This time, they were not there as trainees, but as trainers!

(Do you remember Diana? She received school support from Maryosa. Last year, she finished her degree as a Social Community Worker! We are very proud of her results, and in particular of the effort and motivation she shows to give to others what she has received herself!)

Now, two months later, the participating groups are being coached further by Nikki (Kipawa) and Jessica (Art Waves). They are tracking their income and expenses, and are learning to analyse the flow of their money.

Nikki says: “We are already seeing the positive results from their efforts to think about saving, which they had not done before. Some have already begun doing it. Really cool!”