Student project at KU Leuven to assist Maryosa

Maryosa will act as client for the class Research Methods at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, taught by Prof. Dr. Els Breugelmans. As client, Maryosa will formulate a research question, which a number of students groups will answer. Our research question is: Where and how can we find and motivate people willing to support Maryosa? This reflects our desire to find additional volunteers and donors to expand our opportunities to help others.

On September 27, Lincolin visited the university. For the around 130 students of the class, he gave an introduction to Maryosa, our goals, and our question. The above image is one of the slides Lincolin presented. The full presentation can be downloaded below.

We are looking forward to seeing the student reports, which are expected at the beginning of next year!