Financial capability follow-up meeting

Participants of the 2018 Financial Capability Conference group together in Athi River, Kenya

Out of the roughly 30 participants of the 2018 Financial Capability Conference, 12 set themselves apart in terms of motivation and perseverance. We invited these to a follow-up meeting, where we dove deeper into the matter. This meeting also allowed us to identify and train potential new coaches who could further spread the programme. This would allow the programme to continue independently of the Maryosa-organised conferences.

This meeting was held on 6 October, 2018. Nine young adults from all over Kenya got together in Kahawa, Nairobi. Three unfortunately could not make it.

During the morning session, there was plenty of time to catch up and share their experiences from the past months. They talked about their personal victories and challenges with respect to the financial skills they were taught.

They explained how the strategies and even minor suggestions they got from the conference have been useful for them, both privately and, in some cases, for the business that they recently founded.

They have also begun sharing some of the lessons that they learned from Maryosa with their friends, who were inspired by how they run their finances.

Some have been inspired to be a coach themselves, and organise a financial capability conference for their local community. This is a great example of how Maryosa wants to plant the seeds for self-sustaining community development!