The Maryosa Foundation is a Netherlands-based not-for-profit organisation working for a world full of self-reliant people, who continuously motivate and support each other.

We do this by teaching financial capability skills, and by financially supporting students in community-oriented education programmes.

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Recent activities

Cynthia’s main takeaway

Cynthia participated in the 2018 Financial Capability Conference, and tells us how one tip in particular changed everything. The app suggested by Maryosa from the training has been such an awesome revelation. From the app I have been able to track, budget, and maintain data from daily usage of finance. Since I graduated from College, …

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Antony’s experience

Antony was one of the participants at our 2018 Financial Capability Conference, but not just as a trainee: he was also trained to be a coach himself. The following was written by him. I already have people who are willing to sign up for the financial program that I am starting in my community. I …

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Financial capability follow-up meeting

Out of the roughly 30 participants of the 2018 Financial Capability Conference, 12 set themselves apart in terms of motivation and perseverance. We invited these to a follow-up meeting, where we dove deeper into the matter. This meeting also allowed us to identify and train potential new coaches who could further spread the programme. This …

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Next steps after the 2018 Financial Capability Conference

The May 2018 conference was the first step in implementation our financial capability programme. The ultimate goal, however, goes much further. The financial capability programme targets three skills:  general accounting of earnings and expenditures, making a budget and a plan to maintain it by prioritising expenditures, and saving for emergencies and long-term goals. The past …

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Hawah’s experience at the Financial Capability Conference

Hawah was one of the participants in our 2018 financial capability conference. Here she recounts her experiences. I did not only like the Maryosa camp, I loved it! The games, the discussions with newly made friends, everything added up to a great atmosphere. I felt important, chosen, when I received an invitation to join the …

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Mirthe’s experience in Kenya

In light of our 2018 financial capability conference, our latest volunteer, Mirthe, joined as a photographer. Many of the photos you will see on this website are taken by her. Here, she recounts her experiences during her trip to Kenya for Maryosa. My trip to Kenya for the Maryosa Foundation was certainly exciting. I went …

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